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In case you missed it, Talk Magazine of Greenville just named our sweet tea as one of the best teas in Greenville SC, probably because it is. It’s made with a combination of Orange & Pekoe teas as it has been since “forever” with a Southern sized helping of sugar tossed in after it’s done brewing.

Welcome to the South y'all

Welcome to the South y’all

The best part is the free refills. When yours truly goes to eat, the lovely Cathy doesn’t just bring me a glass of sweet tea. She brings a glass AND a pitcher because I can’t get enough of this stuff. And I usually drink it all because the best sweet tea in Greenville is only available in one place so I get my fill when I’m around.

Don't judge.

Don’t judge.

And if for some reason you don’t like sweet tea, I think they have unsweetened tea as well. I’ve heard rumors of this legendary beast roaming the back halls of Pete’s #4, but I’ve yet to see it so I’m still highly credulous of its existence. I’m sure it’s out there if you insist, but unless a serious medical condition prevents you from drinking the sweet tea here, I highly recommend it. It’s amazing and truly is the sweetest thing. If you disagree, I’ve found two tea drinkers who would like to have a word with you.

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