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In the middle of discussions with Nate Phillips about our new website and social media, a crazy idea happened – why not eat through the entire menu in a year and write about the experience? It’d be like the movie Super Size Me, but without the disgusting effects… or so we hope, but in truth we had no idea how it would turn out. It just seemed like a crazy enough idea not to do it. So we are.

Nate @ Como'sNate Phillips is a local entrepreneur who dabbles in all kinds of different things. From xledding with his start up Brushfire Industries, to website and graphic design, to starting a design agency, Nate is always up for a new challenge and eating being a passionate pursuit of his, this seemed like an ideal opportunity for him.

Though not an “official” food connoisseur, Nate has eaten his way through more than 25 countries on 5 continents consuming such delicacies as fried scorpions, pork sausage served in raw intestines, chicken feet, and fish eyes along the way. Thankfully that means there’s nothing he won’t eat off our menu, including the first things that made him stop and rethink this challenge - the beef and chicken livers!

Nate was especially intrigued by the idea as he’s largely unfamiliar with traditional Southern cuisine. Though he was born  up north in Michigan (he says don’t hold it against him – he had no choice in the matter!), his parents were both born in South Carolina. Though his mom’s cooking came from a Southern background, traveling around the world has influenced her style away from “pure Southern cuisine.” Now that Nate’s moved to Greenville, he can’t wait to try this pimento cheeseburger he’s been hearing all about, dig into some fried okra, and find out what Southern food is all about!

He says don’t expect him to use too many high falutin’ fancy cuisine words and talk about our food like some wine aficionado expounding about their favorite Chardonnay. Nate simply enjoys his food and is going to write about the experience of getting to know Como’s Pete’s #4 on an intimate level. A very intimate level. A he-may-get-so-much-he-never-comes-back level… but that’s a risk we’re willing to take.

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