$100 Meatloaf?

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The second I bit into the meatloaf, it took me back home. Memories of Sunday dinners around the family table replayed through my mind like they had just happened yesterday. Now I’m not going to say it was better than my mother’s meatloaf. (No one in their right mind would do that.) However, with all due respect to my mother, this meatloaf was pretty darn good.

I know, everyone’s meatloaf is different but good meatloaf is good meatloaf… I don’t know if it’d be fair to ever say that one of two good meatloafs is better than another. Meatloaf is an art. There are masters of the meatloaf out there, just as there are masters of art. However, until we’re ready (or able) to pay $100 for meatloaf at the latest hottest place in town, then we’ll have to work with what we’ve got.

Scrap (as I believe he’s called) has been making Pete’s loaf o’ meat for some ridiculously long period of time like 40 years or something like that. He is definitely not charging $100 for it, but I dare you to find someone who’s been making meatloaf for that long that can’t give a $100 loaf a run for it’s money. I don’t think we can call Scrap a starving artist as his art is food, but the man is clearly not getting enough credit for his work.

For example, Nick & Tony sell a fat slice of this meatloaf with two sides, bread, and a drink (see picture above) for $7.25 on Mondays & Saturdays. It’s practically outrageous. I was more than full afterward and didn’t even finish everything on my plate. All for the price of an average “value meal” at a fast food restaurant. #ridiculous

So… the next time you can’t get a hold of mom’s meatloaf and need a filling meal for under $10, head to Pete’s on Monday or Saturday. They sell meatloaf every day, but $7.25 is hard to beat!

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