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“Man eating meat” has been a classic tale from the beginning of time. Man eats meat. Man is happy. Repeat ad infinitum.

On the other hand, men and vegetables has been an ongoing battle for just as long. Cavemen didn’t hunt vegetables. When was the last time you imagined one dragging his club out of his cave to join up with his other caveman buddies over a fire for their early morning grunting session before setting off in pursuit of the fearsome turnip? You’re just as unlikely to hear the modern man how much he loves throwing his favorite vegetables on the grill after a long day at work. It just doesn’t happen.

Men eat meat. End of story. Usually… Unfortunately, it did not seem like it was going to be my story today. Today was the day I decided to tackle one of the most unmanly sections of the Como’s Pete’s #4 menu… the salads. I decided to approach it bravely by preparing some lines about eating healthy in case anyone commented. They did. I tried. I failed. They laughed. I’ve mostly recovered.

I ordered a grilled chicken salad to pay homage to my typical meat eating ways and break myself into these salads easy. What happened next was unexpected. The salad was decidedly less unmanly than I expected. My friend who’d previously assaulted my manliness due to ordering a salad hesitatingly agreed. I even saw him take a second glance at it and while it could have been the remnants of my pride desperately seeking justification for my decision, I believe I almost caught a glimmer of wistful admiration in his eyes.

It was full of chicken. Not your typical little strips gracefully scattered about, I’m talking heaps o’ chicken laying on a bed of cheese. It was downright delicious looking. As I was busy inspecting the other parts – hard boiled eggs, olives, tomatoes, and cucumbers – it hit me. I could barely even see the lettuce! (Yes, I did artfully place that large piece in the bottom of the picture to make sure you saw there was lettuce in the salad.) Hiding that lettuce under a layer of delicious made it all that much easier to hide my shame at ordering a salad. It was even… dare I say it? borderline manly.

Now if you’re like me, you like grilled chicken salads pretty simple and straightforward. Hold the walnuts and dried fruits please. I like my salad to be salad and my grilled chicken to be grilled chicken. I find it makes for a better grilled chicken salad. After all, if I’d wanted a grilled chicken salad with all-natural dried cranberries topped with walnut slivers and drizzled with an exotic fruit-based dressing, I would have asked for that. This was none of that. It was basic salad and grilled chicken with the pleasantly safe, but slightly exciting touches of egg and cheese.

I ate the whole thing and it was delicious. The vegetables were fresh, the grilled chicken juicy, the cheese cheesy, and the two cups of bleu cheese dressing ample. And you wanna know something? I felt better off for having eaten it. It was healthy. It was meaty. I got both at the same time and that was very satisfying. I like to think if a caveman were to eat a salad, this would be a reasonable choice. I, for one, wouldn’t think him any less a man. Good thing to cuz they’ve been known to club people for less.

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