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Greek Veggie Pita Greenville SC

It is often said “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.” However, there is no saying about Greeks bearing vegetables. This would have been helpful in my understanding of what to expect from the Greek Veggie Pita at Como’s Pete’s #4, but after extensive Googling, there is no saying about Greeks and vegetables. I was walking into this one cold.

You give one bad gift and they never forget…

 Fortunately, the veggie pita looked pretty good right from the beginning. It was absolutely stuffed with what looked to be all types of delicious foods. It had lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, feta cheese, and dressing all packed into a slightly toasted pita shell. Before I took my first bite, I knew it would be good because there was so much feta on it.

I know... you want one of these hats cuz it's awesome.

Cheaply made trucker hats don’t lie.

A cheese first associated with the Byzantine Empire, first recorded in Crete, named after an Italian word for “slice”, and recently designated as a product only able to be made in certain parts of Greece with no more than 30% goat’s milk in order to be labeled as “feta” in the European market, feta cheese is a classic favorite of cheese lovers everywhere.

Because you can't internet without cats

Even internet cats love feta cheese

Then there were the olives. The absolutely delicious and completely underrated kalamata olives made this pita POP with an exciting flavor that brought a little bit of Greece to my tastebuds. Not grease. Greece… and not greasy Greece. Just Greece as in the olives had a classic Greek flavor to them. Geez. Anyway… the good ol’ fashioned Greek olives made this pita real flavorful without overpowering. They were just right and blended well with the other ingredients.

Aww.... Olive you too!

Aww…. Olive you too!

With a glass of water or tea, the Greek Veggie Pita is a perfect choice for a light, but filling lunch with some good flavors and no boredom. If you haven’t ever had one (or for a while) try it out! You must not fear the Greeks when bearing vegetables. They’re actually quite wonderful. The Greeks too.

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