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For my second installment in the eating my way through the entire Como’s Pete’s menu, I decided to go international. Since I had been craving some Mexican lately, I decided to give the taco salad a go. I knew it probably wouldn’t be the same as 100% authentic Mexican, but then again, I don’t think my usual choice of drowning everything on my plate in queso is exactly 100% authentic Mexican either. Plus, it was a salad so even ordering it made me feel healthy. Go me.

I have to admit… waiting for a salad lacks the typical anticipation of waiting for a typical “Nate order” i.e. a slab of meat with a hunk bread, ideally tons of cheese, and some flavorful sauciness to add a dash of culture to the ensemble. “Mmmmm… lettuce…” is a thought that has crossed my mind on such rare occasion I second guess myself every time it happens. I speak in German more than I think of lettuce and I don’t even speak German… but if you count up all the random dankes and auf Wiedersehens I’ve tossed out over the years, it’s more than the times I’ve pondered the innate deliciousness of lettuce.

And lo and behold as I was contemplating the lack of anticipation for this meal and how it might affect my writing about the aforementioned taco salad, my loverly server Cathy came through the kitchen doors carrying something that did not appear to be a salad. I first saw a huge taco shell, then I saw two containers of salsa, one container of sour cream, and one container of guacamole. Without even seeing the rest, I was beginning to forgive myself for ordering a dish built on lettuce.

Then Cathy set it down and holy guacamole…. this sucker was lookin’ good! The beef was piled high and deep, the tomatoes were really red and fresh, and the olives tender and juicy. There was even a liberal amount of cheese strewn about the top of my salad and I couldn’t believe it. Not only could I barely see any lettuce because there were so many awesome toppings piled on top, but the shell was edible! It was a puffy, crunchy taco shell that had been deep fried and it. was. delicious.

I ate that taco salad, even the lettuce, and have rarely, if ever, felt so satisfied from a salad. Though, if I may digress for a moment, it calling itself a salad is a bit of a stretch. It had some lettuce, but it was basically a taco shaped as a bowl. A massive taco with tons of ingredients and sauces (Texas Pete’s is also available for all my spicy food-lovin’ amigos) that just doesn’t quit. It could feed two people in comfortable fashion.

I got through most of it myself. As much as I wanted to finish it, I couldn’t. This thing is seriously big. I like to imagine that when it and the other salads get into disagreements, Mr Taco Salad puts on his best Nacho Libre impersonation and all the other little salads go scampering back to their cute little side plates while Mr House Salad mutters things under it’s breath about setting up new roommate rules even though all the other salads knows he’s not going to do anything about it because Mr Taco Salad is just too big. It’s that kind of big. And it’s that kind of good too. Get you one!

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