One Classic Chili Cheeseburger

chili cheese burger at Como's Pete's #4 in Greenville SC

So in case you haven’t heard, I’m from the North. My parents were both born in South Carolina so that’s gotta count for something, right? Regardless, they left long before I was born and I grew up in parts of Michigan and Canada where this was pretty much my life for six months of the year…

snow up north

It’s not funny when it’s you.

Now that I’ve lived in Greenville for a few years, I’m very happy to learning more about the differences in culture and way of life between the North & the South.

Like this. This is awesome.

Like this. This is awesome.

To add to the list, not shoveling snow is awesome. Not walking through it for 6 months of the year is awesome. Not dodging snowballs laced with ironic karma from 12 year olds is awesome. Not snow is awesome most of the time. I do miss the sledding though. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of flying down a hill at 20+mph on a flimsy piece of plastic knowing one bump or wrong turn will immediately turn you into a human missile doing your best out-of-control snowman impersonation.

This woman gets it.

This woman gets it.

Fortunately, there are good things about the South that make up for the lack of adrenaline rush that comes from facing death while freezing one’s tidbits off like delightful food concoctions that make perfect sense, but have been ignored by the North for far too long. While fried anything usually tops the list for good things I didn’t have for too long in my life, there have been other pleasant surprises along the way. Today I discovered a new one…

This is not it.

This is not it.

I’m talking about the classic chili cheeseburger as made by Como’s Pete’s #4 of Greenville SC. Ok… so the North has chili cheeseburgers, but they’re different than their Southern counterparts. The first thing I noticed is a distinct lack of beans. A good strong Northern chili cheeseburger will have beans in the chili, Pete’s chili cheeseburger did not and being the red blooded, All-American man that I am, less vegetables in my food is always a good thing.

But no promises.

But no promises.

The chili was fantastic. I’m pretty sure it was 100% meat drizzled with meat juice and soaked in meat flavor which. Is. Awesome. It was made entirely of beef and was put on top of a slice of cheese which, in turn, was placed on top of a piece of beef. It had melted the cheese in both directions and turned my burger into a deliciously gooey pile of beef and cheese. Need I say more? Oh yeah, there was some mustard and chopped onion added to round out the flavors and it made me a very happy man.

Approximate picture of me & my chili cheeseburger

Artist’s rendition of me & my chili cheeseburger

Enjoy responsibly. It’s not every day you get to eat one type of beef piled on top of another type of beef with some manly ingredients like cheese, mustard, and onions on board for the party. Some might get carried away, but take it slow and steady. The chili cheeseburger will take care of the rest!

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