An Ode to Bacon (Club Sandwich)

Bacon club sandwich greenville sc

Having been properly introduced to the club sandwich a short while ago, I decided it was time for another one. As I was unsure of what to expect last time, I went for the safe bet and got the one loaded with the most meat possible. It was the manly thing to do. This time, I wasn’t messing around. I went straight for the good stuff.

bacon club sandwich greenville sc

The bacon club sandwich was a simple choice really. Now that the club sandwich has merrily made it’s way into my life as a deliciously exciting new food option, getting the one with bacon was a no brainer. Why? Because bacon is delicious. Club sandwiches are delicious. Together, they form a nearly perfect combination of delicious so potent it just might take over the world. That’s why I decided to eat one. Better it than me! After all, bacon is one of the best things left in this world.

bacon bacon bacon

Bacon is an essential part of life. It’s also a critical component to happiness as mathematically proven in the diagram below:

bacon happiness

It’s also a fantastic result that only requires some time and worthless plants:


Fact. Bacon is good. Fact. People that eat bacon are happy. Fact. People that eat vegetables are too busy counting invisible things in their meals to be happy. Why not feed those invisible things to the pigs and get bacon instead? You’re too busy enjoying bacon while eating bacon to worry about invisible things in the bacon. Bacon wins.

While I was enjoying the crispy slices layered thick in a Como’s Pete’s #4 bacon club sandwich (had to plug it somewhere since that’s what this post is supposed to be about), I realized whoever thought of putting bacon in a club sandwich should have a statue built to him somewhere. Like an 80 foot tall statue that had a little bacon dispensing slots at the bottom that just gave out free bacon all day. Seriously, who’s going to argue with that?

I love bacon. If Facebook offered the option, I’d be in a relationship with bacon because bacon has never let me down. The bacon club sandwich is an amazing concoction I will be sure to enjoy time and time again because


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